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Uni Lovers

New York's premier Uni club is teaming up with The Shellfish Shop! The very same premium products you have grown to love in our little community is now available on an easier-to-navigate platform. Feel free to browse our Products page and let us know if you have any questions at or 

For those who are unfamiliar with our community and what Uni is all about, here is a quick rundown:

Who are we?

- Started in 2017 at the request of friends and family for our Uni that was sold to wholesalers, our community has grown to over 2000 members strong. We bring in the world's best and freshest Uni that is served at some of the most renowned sushi counters. We work directly with processors to have our Uni custom packed and shipped directly to us. None of which is sourced from wholesalers or distributors. In fact, many wholesalers come to us asking for Uni, we know our Uni! Now you can enjoy the same Uni served at Michelin rated/starred restaurants right in your own home with family and friends!


What is Uni?

- Uni (pronounced "ooh-ni") are the reproductive organs (gonads) of the sea urchin. They are eaten as a delicacy in Japanese and other cuisines. Each urchin contains 5 "tongues" which are called Uni. Urchins are hand-picked and shipped to the processing plant where they meticulously clean and hand-pack each tray. Taste profile is sweet, creamy, briny, with a nice umami finish! 


Where do you source your Uni from?

- All of our Uni is custom packed for us by our processors. Nothing is off the shelf from a wholesaler or distributor. In fact, many distributors come to us asking for Uni supply. Our Uni is used by some of the finest Michelin restaurants around the world! Now you can enjoy it right in your own home! 

What is the shelf life and how long does Uni stay fresh?

- Uni packed in traditional plastic trays typically lasts between 4-7 days depending on the season. Uni packed in salt water will last between 2-3 days. We recommend consuming it sooner rather than later. 

How many pieces are in a tray?

- Uni trays are packed by weight (grams) and the size of the Uni will differ with season and origin. Expect a 5-pocket tray to contain 8-12 pieces and 10-pocket tray 18-20 pieces. Saltwater trays about 10-12 pieces.

Where do you ship to?

- Currently we only ship (UPS next day) orders containing Uni within New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut during the months of October thru April. Due to the highly perishable and delicate nature of Uni we do not want your Uni traveling too far as this will increase the chance of spoilage and damage. Expect your Uni packed in trays to shift slightly during transport despite our "Fragile" and "Handle with Care" stickers on the box. Shipping Uni by courier is our least preferred way. Pick up and delivery by Uber is the safest method.

What are some ways to enjoy my Uni?

- We definitely recommend trying it in its purist form, that is with some rice/avocado/seaweed or any combination of the three along with a touch of soy sauce and wasabi. You want to enjoy the sweetness and creaminess of the Uni itself without overpowering it with other flavors. However, there are many other ways you can enjoy Uni like Uni pasta, Uni toast, or Uni over scrambled eggs! Here are some visual inspirations...